Central Arkansas Shrine Club

On April 5, 2008, Central Arkansas Shrine Club hosted a professional wrestling event that was provided by Traditional Championship Wrestling and was held at the L.V. Williamson Boys & Girls Club in Russellville.

This being the Shrine Club’s first ever try at this type of fundraising event, at first we were not sure how it would turn out. What the Shrine Club got was an outstanding performance by the participants, in a very professional and courteous way. Mr. Matt Duffield, a.k.a. Matt Riviera, made a very positive presentation at our Shrine Club meeting and did an outstanding job in promoting the event in order to make sure that we would come away with a great fundraiser. His work ethic and dedication was outstanding in order to make this show a success. Mr. Tom Seib, with his 30+ years of experience in the professional wrestling business, also did an outstanding job in the operation of the show and making sure that our Shrine Club received a great event for everyone to enjoy.

In today’s environment, with all the current professional wrestling shows on television and the type of entertainment that they provide, especially for the younger generation, Traditional Championship Wrestling didn’t provide that type or style of entertainment. Instead, they promoted a show that was exactly as promised, a family style performance that was entertaining to all ages, without any vulgarity and other nonsense that is shown on television.

Our Shrine Club would highly recommend Traditional Championship Wrestling to any organization that was looking into a fundraising event and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


The Officers and Members of Central Arkansas Shrine Club

Tom Reid

Douglas L. Parker
Secretary Treasurer

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