Pope County Sheriff's Department

On October 6, 2007, the Pope County Sheriff's Department Reserves hosted a wrestling match provided by the Traditional Championship Wrestling organization. This event was a sellout with then than two weeks before the event was to be held. The event was a total success and the funds raised from the event far exceeded our target. Our goal was to make this an eventful family night of good ole wrestling and it truly was.

I would like to thank Matt Riviera for taking the ownership of booking the talent and being a co-chair to me for the event. Matt was totally aligned to my expectations and was very easy to work with in making decisions for this event. Matt was very dedicated in assisting to make this fundraiser a total success for everyone. Matt and I worked together planning for two months and spent lots of evening hours making sure details were planned to perfection. Matt was meticulous in making things perfect followed through on his actions.

In addition, I would like to thank Tom Seib for his dedication and assistance in managing the event. Bill was very communicative and well versed in his actions. Tom made sure that any actions made during the show, I was made aware and were discussed thoroughly. Tom is definitely a total asset to this wrestling organization. Tom was willing and eager to make sure this event was a total success.

In closing, I would recommend Traditional Championship Wrestling organization for any event. The Pope County Sheriff’s Reserve unit has very high standards and the Traditional Championship Wrestling organization met all of these. The Sheriff's Reserve would recommend this organization again in the future.

With Regards,

Kenn Tate

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