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Thank you very much for bringing your shows here in Kenya through a television known as K24. I am not only a TCW fan, but also a wrestling fan in general. What makes me even happier about your shows is the backstage interviews. They remind me of the WCW days. It is awesome.

-- Paul Olili


I have some comments that I would like to share with your company.

First off, I will admit that I never heard of TCW Wrestling, but when I saw the commercial for you guys coming to Springfield, Missouri and the legends that was going to be there I wanted to come. My wife and I found TCW on the channel here and saw the last 30 minutes of it. When we got to the Shrine Mosque, I didn't know what to expect and was just going to enjoy our time there.

We thought that the show would last for 3 hours, but were very surprised that it was 5 hours long and we got our money’s worth out of it. I would like to comment on the wrestlers and the owner of TCW. I really enjoyed the fact that the wrestlers were nice to the audience and that the owner was walking around shaking hands with people. I liked the fact that in the ring they had this character that they had to play but outside of it they were genuinely nice to the fans.

We really enjoyed our seats and liked the price that we had to pay. You now have 2 fans that have a lot of respect for the wrestlers and what they do. Going into the wrestling show I did not know much about it and neither did my wife but after seeing you guys live, like I said we have a lot of respect for the wrestlers and the company itself.

Thank you for putting on such a great show and giving the fans what they wanted. We look forward to seeing your company come back to Springfield, Missouri and we will be coming to the next one.

Thanks again,

-- Jason Willoughby

I am an indy wrestler in Utah and found your product on YouTube. You all do a great job. The wrestlers are good and the production is outstanding. As an Arkansan (grew up near Hot Springs), it is great to see the old school style returning. So much better than WWE and TNA. You all and ROH are the best. Thanks so much for entertaining me!

-- Brian

I have to give you a BIG thank you for the new found joy you have giving me by looking forward to every weekend TCW Wrestling show. My favorite is "The Golden One" - wow, amazing. I can't wait to see TCW at the Shrine Mosque. Great venue. We won't let you down. Terry Butts (TBBB) T triple B baby! Butts vs. Bradford's anyday : ) Thanks for the hard work.

-- Terry

I just wanted to say that I am enjoying TCW each week. The backstage interview segments are 10 times better than the ones that they have in WWE and TNA. You do them the Mean Gene Okerlund way, which is a lot better in my opinion. I just think you have an all around good announce team. TV show production is good. Good wrestling for the most part. All around a great show. We don't get to see wrestling live out here in rural Utah, so I really enjoy watching TCW on your website each week. Keep up the good work.

-- Ryan

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